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Mike M. in Hous

Sad time in Houston for many. Thousands of homes and cars destroyed.

Worse yet Several hospitals evacuated and others with only half power.
Herman, one of two main Trauma units is shut down completely for at least a week.

we are high and dry but worried about others. Just heard from friends on north side that they were evacuated from thier home by the national Guard. We haven't heard from the Shermans (Al's postings) since Thursday. I know Beverley is ok in hospital but have no idea about family. Hope they are OK:(:(


Damn! Hope everyone comes through OK. We've got Houston zeroed in in our prayer zone.

Mike M. in Hous



15 deaths so far,and possibly more when the water goes down so they can get into the cars on the freeway. Several bodies already found in cars.
Approx 9000 in shelters and many more staying with friends and family!
Storm moved back into Gulf and went East to New Orleans. Hopefully it won't be as bad for them.
Ever see an 18 wheeler float? Several did just that on I 10.
Many of the highways became rivers and lakes!

We were lucky got some flooding when the storm first came in Wed night/Thurs morn. When it backed up over Houston Friday we got a little of the rain but east, Northeast and down town caught the brunt. Over thirty inchs in less than 24 hours in places. and over 15 inchs everywhere.

Herman Hospital is one of two class 1 trauma centers in Houston and has never had to close down in 70+ years of operation. Tonight it is a vacant building!

Little bitty Tropical storm hit us harder than a Hurricane!