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Chuck C

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Dec 5, 2020
Redone, consider this one or this one (if you're in the USA).
That looks like a good deal. The fact that the first one comes with 23 test strips makes it look like an even better deal, but it does appear that the strips expired June 30, 2019, which is visible in the photo and the seller also seems to be disclosing. Still a good value, as well as the 2nd one.


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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
That looks like a good deal. The fact that the first one comes with 23 tes
what I thought was good was that it came with a case and a lance, so if you add up the time taken to get both (and maybe that door and battery cover issue) then its reasonable.
Myself I'd be cautious of trusting the strips (especially expired ones) but I do believe it will be good training (and they can be used by setting the clock wrong).

PS: @Redone if you haven't yet seen my blog post about INR

at the very least it contains this quick demo of how to measure blood and make sure you get sufficient blood to not get a strip error complaining about insufficient blood.

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Nov 15, 2020
Here are the options I have on my list which I compiled about 18 months ago. I went with the Remote INR service.
  1. Remote INR Service (Bio-Tel): Provides device and all supplies (Coaguchek). Requires Rx. Bills each 4th reported test. Insured cost depends on your particular insurance plan. Since my plan covers this provider, I did not ask for cost outside of insurance.
  2. Acelis Connected Health: I think they also use Coaguchek device/strips. Requires Rx. Cost outside of insurance $120 per box of 6 strips. I think they provide the device as well, but not sure.
  3. mdINR PT/INR At Home Monitoring Service. I did not get any details on this one, but probably similar to above.
  4. BerryMedics: They sell Coaguchek strips, but not the device. $130 for 24 strips outside of insurance. Rx apparently not required. They are BBB accredited. You would need to buy the device somewhere.
Am currently using mdinr and they use the coaugusence monitor rent the machine only charge varied amounts and try to force you to test weekly no matter what doctor says. And they aren't especially reliable about reporting results to doc. I have had to contact doc personally 3 times when results were out of range.

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