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Hi and welcome!
So glad you found this board, it is a most rewarding experience. I have some experience to share, that should give you some comfort. I just celebrated the 23rd birthday of my aortic valve, a Bjork Shiley. On October 6th, I will celebrate the 2nd birthday of a "reroute" done by Denton Cooley in Houston. It is the addition of a fifth heart valve, with a conduit that actually comes from the bottom (apex) of the heart, and wraps up and around to the descending aorta. A tad complicated without a picture.

My point is, I have had four surgeries, and Im a 46 year old female. I never was fortunate enough to have children, as the Docs said it was out of the question. But THATS another story! Anyway, Im doing great. These mechanical valves are better than a Honda, they last forever. Not to mention the constant advancement in the art of valves! So much has changed since my first surgery in 1960!!

Hang in with us. Become smarter by the minute ;) and you will gain the confidence that you feel you may be missing. Your baby will soon give you plenty to think of and worry about. That tick will put your baby to sleep. Well, at least it worked with my puppy. Better than an alarm clock in the bed!

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