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May 15, 2023
Hi All,

I should probably make a proper introduction. My issue(s) seem slightly different from many people's. However, the forum was really-really useful when preparing for the surgery. And I'd prefer to share some experience, in case if this is helpful to somebody. This is the main reason for joining the forum - have "to give back" to the community.

In short, I had a surgery in October 2022. It was a mitral valve repair, done as a minimally-invasive procedure. (So no OHS.) Seems to have worked.

At the same time, there are a few other potential issues that were discovered on the way:

- aortic aneurism (being monitored, currently 1/year with CT scans)

- a plaque in one of the heart arteries (small, but triggered statins regiment)

- a "hole in the heart" (will be re-checked later; could be fixed trans-catheterally, if needed)

- 1st degree of heart block.

So... I might know a few things about these topics, but probably not a lot. There is a chance of re-operation, even for the mitral valve reason, if it evolves/worsens with time. The odds of that might be small, but certainly not zero.