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Chuck C

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Dec 5, 2020
The problem is the technical guidlines are in contradiction with the choice a lot of patients are making. In reality aortic valve replacement is very very rare in people aged 50 or below outside of forums like this I know and work with hundreds / thousands of people (my site where I work has 7000+) and I do not know anyone else so making a personal peer group choice is very difficult. Also my confidence at living to 70 is sadly very low at the moment and I will have to accept this. Most people with a fair wind live to a much older age. So either way this horrible illness dominates peoples lives and sometimes seems to effect almost every aspect of life. I am writing this laying in bed next to my youngest, it is early and I'm listening to the dawn chorus in almost complete silence. The thought of a ticking valve fills me with complete woe. Also (with the greatest of respect) some of these sites have people who have made hundreds sometimes thousands of comments this is not normal behaviour surely and partly demonstrates my fear of a life being dominated by an illness / affliction. Sadly there does not exist a one and done solution it appears.
" The thought of a ticking valve fills me with complete woe "

It is a complete non-issue for me. Had a 25mm St, Judes put in with 28mm Hemashield Dacron graft. No one around me can hear it. I do not hear it unless there is complete silence. I hear it at night as I am going to sleep. It is not a bad sound and I am sure I can get used to it, but for now I turn on my HEPA filter to make white noise. Issue solved.


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Sep 21, 2015
Agree with Pellicle, i also went through same thoughts 5 years ago, and, what is the point "for me" to get something fore-known to fail ?, again put myself, family and love ones trough this again ?, Why Big-Pharma is pushing this ?, the only answer i can find is same, "Pre Planned Re-Curring Revenues".... , just a thought, we all have different perspectives, and points of reference; nothing is perfect.