Heart buddy Steve

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Mike in Florida

Hey Steve!
How are ya buddy! Hope everything is coming
along fine with you and family and your new
valve. About time you get back to work huh.
We've been real busy remodeling Shands lately,been
working long hours. Next time you're in Shands
let me know beforehand. You gettin' plenty of
rain? Grass is finally green again here in High
Springs! Wife Sonja is at Poe springs now at a
company picnic, and I'm supposed to be scraping
paint off the house to ready for painting. I'f
you get bored come on over with your scraper!
Hope you're enjoying time off from work. I took
3mths. off for my surgery, 2mths. to recuperate,
and 1mth. of fishing! Filled our freezer with
redbellies from Santa Fe river. Gotta go get
back on the ladder now. Take care.

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