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Aug 23, 2018
Virginia US
I was put on Plavix when I had my stents and TAVR. I had bad arthritic pain starting about 2 weeks after starting Plavix, which is a known side effect. I decided I would just put up with it instead of asking for a different med and see if I could stop it after 6 months. I messaged my interventional cardiologist that did the stents and TAVR and he agreed I could stop taking Plavix. He said he went by 6 months for stents and 3 months for TAVR. The studies aren't definitive about what is best, some showing no advantage to taking both aspirin and Plavix and some recommending taking both for at least a year.

I am very happy to not have to take it any longer. I am now down to 1 med for BP plus 1 low dose aspirin a day.

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