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I am awaiting a date for a valve and root replacement and my question to people who have come out the other side is what advice they would give regarding preparation to aid a speedy recovery.

I am a 54 year old mad who is asymptomatic - my medical student son uncovered the condition when demonstrating his stethoscope technique. I'm actually pretty fit; swimming and cycling but as my bicuspid value has become more stenosed and the root more dilated I've started to pick up a bit of pain at the start of exercise; hence planning surgery soon.

I really want to get back to an active lifestyle and accept that it may be a few months before I can start doing much but I am wondering if there is much that I can do now to improve my chance of a speedy rehab. Were there things people found useful in their experience or, with hindsight, wish they had done? Perhaps there were some exercises that help?


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