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I was at the grocery store today (not the usual one I shop at) and saw a brand of soup called "Hain." I think they're kind of "organic-y." They had a few very low sodium soups (like 35 mg/serving) that looked interesting. They were kind of expensive though - $2.19 for a 14-1/2 oz. can - as far as canned soup goes. I picked up one for DH to try. I found this brand at Tops. Hope this helps someone.


Low sodium soup

Low sodium soup

Campbell soup makes low sodium soup and healthy request, that you should be able to find in most stores. I find the healthy request is very good and taste good also. But if you are needing to lower the content, get the low sodium Campbell soup. I know that we all need all the help we can get. ON crakcers, premium make a low sodium cracker. It is something to get used to but is good. I just wanted to share.

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