Fast progression of AVA reading

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Sharon K

Sep 13, 2018
Adelaide, Australia.
Hello, I recently had an echo with a new private Cardiologist (was previously a public patient) and my AVA reading was 1.1cm with a mean gradient of 23 and max gradient of 44. I didn't have the previous echo reports with me, nor could I recall the previous reading and my Cardiologist didn't have access to them but he asked me to send them to him once I'd received them. He said that my stenosis was moderate and to come back in a year for a repeat echo. When I received them I noticed that my previous AVA reading a year ago was 1.6cm with a mean gradient of 17 and a max gradient of 23. This to me seems like rapid progression so I emailed my Cardiologist last week pointing out my concerns and asking if more frequent testing would be required. I am yet to hear back from him. Am I being paranoid or is it justified that I might require more frequent testing than once yearly? This waiting game sure is hard work.

Would also love to hear about anyone's experience with rapid progression and if it generally continues that way.

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