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Jun 9, 2001
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Hi @morellib , I would take this

and add to it the following "frame of reference" for your analysis:
how long do you anticipate living for (all things being equal).

Because you don't want to find yourself in need of a surgical OHS type intervention 10 years from now when the valve in valve of the TAVI is at end of life.

remember, each time you insert something into a hole the hole becomes smaller (which is why I prefer to think of TAVI not R which implies replacement which may be a false premise.

Myself I'd have a good hard look at a Inspiris Resilia or even perhaps a St Jude mechanical depending on what you think are the probabilities that you'll need AntiCoagulation Therapy anyway in later years.

We indeed have 80 year olds on ACT here and probably the most common finding of people who start ACT is "wow, its nothing like I feared it would be".

I'll again recommend my above blog post to you.

Best Wishes
Might I qualify since my next birthday is the 80th one and had an AVR at age 55 and been on warfarin for 23 yrs now with absolutely no problems, even small ones. Two years ago, I signed on the dotted line to join a trial for Abbott Labs Tendyne mitral valve which also went south. I had 4 Cardiothorasic surgeons in my room pre-surgery answering my many questions - this was a mitral valve trial. Both valves are fine, I have been home testing warfarin since Dec. 1999. Best Wishes!


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Sep 23, 2003
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This thread has been very interesting and informative.
I had MVR (St. Jude mechanical) on June 24, 2003. I adjusted to life on warfarin and I have home-tested for 19 years. I am 72 now. My husband died in July from Alzheimer's.
My cardio is now monitoring my aortic valve. He has said that I would possibly be a candidate for TAVR.
My MV had failed by the time I had surgery in 2003, so my recovery was longer. My recovery and return to "normal life" (whatever that is) took longer because of that.
Based on what I have read in this thread, I would subject my body to another OHS and get another St. Jude mechanical (now an Abbott, I believe) over having TAVR.
I will have a long list of questions or my cardio on my next visit (Jan. 16).

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