Endocarditis - How?

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Oct 27, 2018
Adelaide, Australia
Hi all!

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with sepsis and obviously hospitalised. After a few days searching they finnally found a vegetation of Staph Aureus, on my mitral valve along with mild regurgitation from said valve. (Via a TTE then TOE) MSSA and thankfully not MRSA. After two and bit weeks of IV antibiotics and a period of negative blood cultures, I had one come back positive and was put through for a MVR (mech valve)

My question how on earth did it actually lodge onto the valve? Not even my doctors or surgeons could work it out.

I'm 23 so they were quite amazed that someone my age and in relatively good health could pick this up. I have eczema and they thought that could've been the source to pick up the sepsis, however I've been dealing with this my whole life and would constantly have flare-ups never had sepsis before.

Theoretically, if it was healthy, shouldn't I not have latched on? I'd never had a TTE or TOE done but I've heart issues before (SVT) and had an ablation done so surely if I had a problem with the valve it would've been picked up. Went to the ED mutilple times and had a catheter ablation.
Has anyone else had this? Endocarditis on a "normal" valve? Did I have a dodgy valve and it was never picked up or just extremely unlucky and it lodged on a healthy valve

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