Electroconvulsive Therapy for Depression and Cardiac Events

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I have severe tricuspid aortic stenosis live in Ba
Jun 28, 2019
Bangkok Thailand
I suffer from severe lifelong depression that is considered treatment resistant.

I am considering Electroconvulsive Therapy as a last ditch effort to stem the tide of my depression which is as risky to my health as my heart disease and severe aortic stenosis.

It looks like there is some evidence that Electroconvulsive Therapy can be risky to those of us with pre existing cardiac issues.

Unrelated somewhat:
There is also a correlation between heart disease and depression and vice versa.

Anyone here go through Electroconvulsive therapy before or after surgery ?

Depression is beast by the way; it's plagued me since childhood and has gotten worse as I age..It's a major cause of death and those who have not been in depression's deep claws do not understand it's ferocity.


Professional Dingbat, Guru and Merkintologist
Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
Well, despite some medical enthusiasts (always trust your doctor) it has not ended well for some of the most high profile patients.

Ernest Hemingway famously underwent 20 rounds of ECT at Mayo Clinic to treat him for depression in 1961.​

He then went on to blow his head off with a shotgun. I suppose one could argue that it at that point cured his depression and anxiety.

I have experience with family members being treated with that. Personality changes from it, death from medication later.

What have you got to lose? Give it a go if you're inclined. If you don't report back we'll know it was effective.