Eight Month Update - Good News

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David Copson

Go away for a few months and everything changes. I see a few old timers and lots of new ones. Best wishes to you all. This site was a great help to me as I approached my surgery and after. (Ross Procedure - April 5 -- find the details my updated story in the story section)

I want to let you all know that I had a catheter ablation procedure that returned my heart to sinus rhythm.
You may recall that one of the main reasons I choose the Ross Procedure was to avoid Coumadin. With the a-fib continuing after surgery, I still needed Coumadin though at a lesser dose than if I had had a mechanical valve.

A-fib was a drag as those of you with it well know. I like this analogy: A-fib with my valve problem was like having a flat tire-I knew if I kept going I would do serious damage. A-fib after surgery was like having one of those mini-spares - It'll take you where you need to go but you can't go over 55 mph. Now I've got a new set of tires and I'm ready to roll.

My valve continues to be flawless and my heart function is excellent. I had forgotten how good I could feel.

David Copson

What's with this rookie label. I'm a veteran and I got the scars to prove it!


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Jun 10, 2001
snowy - Sharpsburg, Ga USA
Maybe Hank can put in an estimated number so you won't be a 'rookie' anymore, David.

So good to see you and that you are doing so well. We always said so, didn't we. Glad that you got your 'tires' fixed so keep on rollin. God bless

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