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CindyBain Supporter
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Oct 13, 2020
Ponte Vedra, FL
Yesterday, 1/16/23 I went for my first ECHO and follow up with my cardiologist since my surgery to replace my mitral valve on September 7, 2022. NO LEAK in my mitral valve, aorta trivial, and tricuspid not seen, EF 60%!! My Dr said I was doing fantastic, and I don't have to go back for 1 year!!! Amazing, after going for the past four years every 3 to 6 months!!! To everyone facing surgery, it is so worth it!! I am feeling so much better!!! I have also started cardiac rehab. It is nice to feel like it is okay to move my body!! ❤️‍🩹

Chuck C

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Dec 5, 2020
Well done!

It's so nice to get good news from echos. It was no fun getting the progressively worse echos leading up to surgery every few months. Basically, the reports ranged from a little worse than the previous echo, to much worse than the previous echo. But, the two I've had since my surgery have been all good news.

To everyone facing surgery, it is so worth it!!
Absolutely! The alternative to surgery is not good. Probably all of us who have had valve replacement would not be alive if not for our surgeries.

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