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May 3, 2020
France (unfortunately)
Hi all

Here I am at nearly 3 years since my life turned upside down due to my sodding dentist infecting me with Endocarditis, and for some reason I have chosen this moment to say an enormous THANK YOU to all the world’s healthcare givers and doctors and nurses.

I was just remembering when I was first admitted to ER and spent those first few days being checked and tested, because of course the tests for Endo require up to 5 days of development and growth before a positive and definitive diagnosis can be made, and I recall being frustrated when I called for a nurse or a doctor to come, and they didn’t come immediately - some times for quite a while.

But as time went by and I started to properly understand what work really went-on and was occupying their time, the testing, the committee meetings with doctors and nurses to go through each single patient’s file to ascertain the best way to treat and look after the patient, keeping those diagnoses bang up to date to reflect the latest test results, ensuring that the whole team knew of these updates, and on, and on, and on,,,

At THAT point I stopped being impatient, and life sort fo got calmer as a result!

So, apologies for the tardiness, but again - THANK YOU!!


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Jul 29, 2017
midwest US
If you care to tell more nurses, try visiting ALLNURSES website. Very active nurse members from world. Interesting perspectives and info, and some bad stories, too.

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Feb 16, 2015
SF Bay Area, California
Last week I had to spend two days in the hospital getting IV antibiotics for appendicitis. Due to COVID-19 protocols, no visitors were allowed either in the Emergency Department or in the hospital, so I was on my own. But the nurses and other staff were so nice and took such good care of me that it wasn't a problem. (I was grateful for my heart surgery experience because it made this time around seem like a breeze. I wasn't frightened and knew much of what to expect.) Good nurses are treasures.