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Oct 20, 2018
I want to thank everybody for their replies and suggestions on where to find some more information to weigh in on. I had to take a break from worrying about it for a couple days bc I was worrying myself sick on one or the other and getting really upset. This is why I'm really concerned about the anxiety part of it n the ticking bc I can overthink every situation as it is let alone something that is a semi permanent decision and has lots of repercussions either way. Its not like if I cant handle the ticking noises they're going to go in there and replace my valve just because it makes me extremely uncomfortable or anxious.The other thing is whenever I've been uncomfortable or upset in the past is when I would self-medicate instead of getting help and while I know I'm in a different place now and have grown Leaps and Bounds in the last 7 months I just don't want to put any unnecessary anxiety on me I want to be here for the long haul in a healthy productive way. I do try to think positively no matter what and I believe that being armed with the best knowledge about it will help relieve some anxiety I feel I do know that I didn't realize in the beginning that I actually had a choice I thought that I had to go with a mechanical valve and my anxiety was extreme I cried every single day was extremely worried about all the possible effects when I found out that I actually could possibly go with a tissue valve my anxieties have ceased a lot more after the first few days of course. Im not going back and forth back and forth as much but feeling more confident that a tissue valve is the choice for me at present. I do know that this is a decision that I can only make I just wanted some more information on hand. I meet the surgeon on the 8th does anybody know if every hospital carries the new Edwards valve or if I have to specially request that I've got it written down to ask about

Superman...As for my aortic root I have the notes from my last TEE done and it says my aortic root is normal in size, it does say the grandient is abnormal for this prosthetics aortic valve and the opening of the prosthetic aortic valve appears to be limited.

Is there any questions anyone could suggest to ask the surgeon next week, Today is 2weeks from surgery
. Thanks and God Bless you all


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Jun 20, 2015
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Its not like if I cant handle the ticking noises they're going to go in there and replace my valve just because it makes me extremely uncomfortable or anxious.
That was also my thinking three years ago (age 61) when I went with tissue. I wouldn't be able to just swap it out like an ill-fitting pair of shows. And because I don't like to hear the internal thumping of my own heartbeat, learing about the clicking settled it for me. Of course, deep down I really wanted to go with tissue and was just looking for reasons to justify my choice because from a logical re-operation point of view, mechanical was the way to go. I have learned a lot more about mechanical since joining this site, and if I had to do it all over again, I'd give it serious consideration, but at this time I don't regret going with tissue. That may change if and when I need a re-op.

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