Deb-Darkoosh, did you have your surgery today?

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Jun 10, 2001
upstate New York
Hi Deb-

I'm hoping for you that you had your surgery today as they tentatively told you. I hope someone can let us know how it went.

Good luck!

Peter Easton

Good news

Good news

Second the motion, Deb. Keep us posted!



No surgery on 9-01!!!

No surgery on 9-01!!!

Just back from Missoula. Met with Dr. Oury, Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Hardy.

They were all very confused with the reports submitted by my previous cardiologist. They said his numbers were 'all over the board' and wanted to rerun the echo and get a TEE done. There was also some concern about a damanged mitral valve.

After the echo was done the following day, it was decided that I would be released without the TEE (thank you!!!) - and - sent home for another six months.

My path crossed with Dr. Oury's on the day of test results and he left the hospital before I was able to get details. He and I will be in touch tomorrow when I will get the details and 'the rest of the story'!

For the short time I was with the cardiology and surgery staff of St. Patrick's and the International Heart Institute in Missoula, I cannot begin to express the high level of competance, compassion and concern shown by staff members at every level. There is no doubt in my mind that when I have surgery, this is the place of choice and these are the people with whom I have total confidence.

Deb Arkoosh

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