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Hello Folks

I've been wondering recently what the lifespan is of the Dacron tube graft that goes in with the aortic valve for aortic valve + root replacement. I have both AVR+Root Replacement aswell as a Gortex tube graft in the upper descending aortic arch. I'm not worrying about it, just kinda curious really about the lifespan and when they may need replacing. Any info appreciated.

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Jonathan, London, UK ;)


I understand that I also had a small piece of Dacron graft to extend my ascending aorta replacement and wonder the same thing about it. I was so focused on my valve issues that I never remembered to ask my surgeon about it when I saw him.

Somebody must know the answer to this.


Hi! My husband is having two valves repaired, and his DR. says he thinks he has to do the ascending aorta graft as well. The posts here always give me more hope than what I read of mortality rates. AVR alone seems to have a very very low mortality rate, and a high degress of success. The MR on aorta graft seems much higher. And there is almost NO info that I can find where there is information on when all three procedures have to be done. I have always believed that knowledge is power, and although I can find ALOT about AVR, MVR, types of valves, grafts, etc., I am still searching for info when all three procedures are done. So, if anyone can help........


I have a dacron graft in my ascending aorta, done by Dr. Tyrone David in Toronto. He told me that the dacron tube would easily last the rest of my life, and I'm in my mid-20s. Apparently the dacron is supposed to be nearly indestructible after implant.


Thanks for that encouraging news, Freddie, and from Dr. David in Toronto at that, a very reputable source. I feel very relieved.

I always feel a bit uneasy when someone on this forum raises insightful and personally relevant questions that seem so obvious, but never got asked before my surgery. Actually, I did not know that they would be using some of the Dacron graft for my surgery, and probably even the surgeons didn't know for sure until they got in there.

At least the answer to this question seems to be definitive, unlike some others.

Thanks again.


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Jul 25, 2001
Dublin Ohio
for MBerge

for MBerge

I too feel that knowledge is power..as I imagine most on this forum do. I am having a AVR and triple bypass and possibly a MVR Sept 21..and have been looking very hard for infomation..the closest that I have found is on a website from the Society of Thorasic surgeons they have preoperative risk variables listed..this may give you some infomation.
also try..same website with the last two numbers 2293
Although these apply to bypass patients..they also give other infomation that may (or may not) help
Good luck




Hi fellow graftee
Well, I have had an aortic graft now since 1978, and a new one added in 1999. Neither have caused a problem, and my Cardio assures me that the graft is a forever thing.

Gail in Ca

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Jun 26, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
I was given a dacron graft ( ascending aortic)
in '89. It is supposed to last a lifetime.
The aorta grows through it and around it. I saw evidence of this when I had my 2 avr in '00.
The surgeon videotaped my procedure and I could see that the aorta had grown over the graft.
When it was cut, to do the replacement, then I could see the dacron inside. Pretty cool.

Andrew Harriss

Dacron Fiber

Dacron Fiber

As a retired DuPonter I think I can vouch for the durability of this polyester synthetic fiber. Whether it is DuPont's version, "Dacron", or the many competitive products that appeared later, given the same chemistry it should outlast all of us. In 1960 I began work as a Process Engineer at the Kinston, NC DuPont factory which was their first commercial facility to produce this product which began primarily as an apparel product but was quickly developed into many other uses including the one we are familiar with.
It apparently is chemically inert in the human body with no deterioration over time.
I'd be glad to further research it's original development as a vessel graft if anyone is interested.
FYI the original development of this fiber was in the UK I believe by Courtalds in the early 50's.

Andy Harriss

PS..there are still alot of the old polyester leisure suits around. Nobody wears them but they last forever!