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Jun 7, 2021

Here's my prediction: Much of those first few days will become a blur. What I went thru with bowel issues post-surgery; lack of sleep; pain in my back...all of that dissipated as a memory. It's the kind of stuff we live through and do in the moment, but I think the drugs help us remember less. Seems like you did extremely well. BTW, how'd you like those potassium pills? I forgot to mention those to you. They were my absolute least favorite. No coating. Dreadful, but again - a distant memory to laugh about. Welcome to the Dacron club. It only gets better. I'm now triple-jabbed and flying to France today from LAX. Cheers. Herb
Thanks Herb! Enjoy your trip. France does sound better than Cleveland ;)

Yes doing pretty good. Not really feeling any pain though I get a reminder when I have to sneeze or cough. Sleeping in the bed is going fine.

My wife actually said something about me going to the grocery the other day and seemingly forgot that I had a driving restriction because I come off as pretty normal.

Ugh, took the last potassium pill this past Saturday morning. Hated them as well. Huge pills which I was able to get down but hated how the pill immediately started to disintegrate in my mouth.

Local cardiologist follow up scheduled for Oct 12.