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Jamey T Supporter Supporter
Oct 12, 2012
South Dakota
If I haven't said this before, I don't do facebook either. And I won't. I will help financially as I am able to, because this site means that much to me.


Dec 4, 2013
I have been a member since
my first AVR in 2013. I found the forum extremely helpful in my recovery.
In 2018 I had my Second AVR. Doctor screwed up first one. Again this site was a blessing Touch and go on this
Last op.
I am certainly willing to contribute.
When you decide what you are going to do, I will be happy to help.
I agree with the donation drive, certainly worth it
If you decide not to continue, Thank you so much 😊 for the work you have done
BY THE WAY, KEEP IT GOING, just thought I would beg a little
Love you all


Dec 4, 2015
I live in Dallas, Georgia, in the United States. W
I'm new (very new) to the site/forum. I'm also new (relatively new... less than 5 years) to the leaky valve team. :) That being said, I would hate to see this site go away. I have enjoyed reading what little I have, thus far. Were I further progressed in my personal valve condition, I am sure I would be spending exponentially more time, reading and posting. But, thank the Good Lord, so far (knock on wood) I am just "mild-moderate" in my condition.

I would certainly be willing to donate to the cause. I recall reading a previous post suggesting an idea like an annual fund drive, something that brings the subject to the forefront, rather than just an ongoing "give if you like" atmosphere. That tends to not get as much attention.

I will say, thank you, very much, for not only maintaining the site, but the fact that you saw fit to start it up. When I read that the site has been running for almost 20 years, I was really surprised. I guess the internet really has been around that long. :)

A Paypal account is the preferable method, for me, toward contributing.

I do hope the board stays up. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I think (hope) I still have quite a way to go before I have to go under the knife (if ever). In the meantime, I do appreciate reading all of the contributions by others who have already traveled this road I am on.
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Kathmack Supporter Supporter
Jul 16, 2021

some interesting thoughts. I'd not noticed that the On-X had been removed (wonders about the back story on that). Some time back I made you offers of free web development support and assistance, you never replied. So I'd say that expired a few years back.

I've done a lot of work here myself in assisting people, its indeed why I come here. I've been slighted and maligned as much as heartfelt thanked ... so its all good on the balance.

As to selling, myself I think that's a good idea and ... well my own views on privacy are probably higher requirement than "the average facebook user" which is why there is so little data about ME on my profile and in my posts. It would take an AI a determined effort (probably half a second) to nail me to a name and address using cross referencing to other sources.

So what I'm saying is that if you sell this to a bidder then that will at least ensure its survival for a bit longer. It will also ensure that this data (what we've all typed) remains persistent for a little longer too.

Probably Google has it all mined anyway.

I say "thanks for your time and effort, thanks for creating this place and now sell it and move on with your lives." I've noted that many web forums are slowly fading and going as the world splinters into fragments under the umbrella of "easy" Facebook (but with no real substance).

Everything dies ... even those we love the most.

Best Wishes
Actually, I don’t personally know of anyone who considers Facebook “easy” in any way, shape or form. I am somewhat surprised that there are so many folks who basically cave at the idea of giving up on a forum that I‘ve been thinking is much liked and appreciated by its users. Go figure! I have been a contributing member since my TAVR procedure six months ago and I’ve found it really helpful. Someone had the idea of adding a TAVR section here which I think would be helpful in that it seems lots of members appear to me to have had open-heart procedures.


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Dec 27, 2015
New Zealand
Its a two year old thread and the site had new owners not long after that last 2019 post.


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Apr 9, 2019
No recent changes. This is ancient history in the manner of internet changes. Same people since this original post was announcing the change to us.
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