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Oct 25, 2020
I do not meet your criteria either but can share something to think about. I'm almost 60 and have run distance most of my life. I first went on warfarin in my early 40's after a pulmonary embolism. I trained and raced much further and faster than I do now. My very rough estimate is that I was consuming 1000 cal/day more than I do now. My warfarin prescription back then was exactly what it is today: 3 mg daily. Today that keeps my INR very consistently at 3.0 but back then it was never above 2.0. I've never paid much attention to what I eat so I can't be very specific. I am confident the input (food!) was even greater in my teens and 20's.


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May 31, 2010
kansas city, mo
Interesting as he does suffer really bad hayfever and they have assured me that hayfever or anti histamines won’t affect his INR…..I guess we will have to see come summer time how he reacts.
It depends on what is taken, for it can be take and see what happen to INR. Good luck on it.

tom in MO

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Jan 17, 2012
I have a personal theory this is caused by disturbing the gut biome where bacteria are responsible for generating K2
That's not just your theory. My cardio wants to know when I am on antibiotics. However over the years, I have learned that only Cipro effects mine so I only call if it's a new one.

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Mar 17, 2015
I’m not sure yet - he’s not had a knock since he’s been on it! We will have to wait and see on that one 🫣
Hello there, HOWARD here and from south florida, hope ya dont me saying that to my friends in other parts of the USA where they getting some ruff winter, SO THAN, you mentioned that someone had said to you that when ya on Warfarin ya need to be careful when shaving, for MEN i guess they meant? And I will share with you something that happened to me now a few years back, I have been on Warfarin for what seems now, forever!
So what happened you must be asking by now, I was at work as a Security Officer, and in the little hose we had to work in, @ a gated community. They had a bathroom attached, so I was coming out of the bathroom and, stupid me, was carrying a folding knife in the open position, hmmm, very sharp knife! Well i slipped on the floor and sliced my hand between my thumb and other finger next to it! It was a pretty bad cut, and I was lucky that where it was cut, was just about the but position where I could get a good tight grip on it, with like a doz. paper towels, and placed as much steady pressure as I could on where it was cut. Well after what seemed like hours, it stopped bleeding, and I am alive, and got thru it. So my point being, not sure for real why they even mention that when shaving, you and everyone on Warfarin need to made sure that you dont cut your self, when bottomline it, it aint really a big deal.
Cutting yaself can and is not a good thing for anyone, just like someone else said about head injuries as such! When on Warfarin or not, everyone should be careful when and if a head injury happens. When growing I had a few open head injuries, and needed stitches, although that was before Warfarin, and another entire story! [and yes, i still at 70yrs I remember everyone of them, 3 total and all when under the age of 10.....LOL] So getting back to shaving, it just bothers me when someone gets advice like that, when shaving and you need to be scared even to shave, or whatever when the fact is. Cutting yourself with a razor blade badly while shaving could be an ER event for everyone, I would think! Could I have gotten stitches when I slipped and fell and cut my finger badly, perhaps, but I didnt even go to a doctor about it, it didnt get infected once it stopped bleeding which was by then my main concern, that is not something to ignore!
I am sure that I didnt get that perfect, and messed up at least a little, but that is what happened, and I hope that helps, even a little, and if you have any questions for me, or anyone here, do not hesitate, please ASK!!!!

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