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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
Oops ! I take previscan not warfarin. My dose 125 gram per week and my INR was 3.2 last week. I am happy with it being 2.5 to 3.5 but aim for around 3. I have a St Jude 27mm.
ahh ... well that's what I like about being here ... I've never heard of that anticoagulant.

I concur with your choice of INR range, although myself I try to target 2.5 (while I'd describe what you do as targeting 3.0) for no other reason than "that's what my surgeon initially set for me" and my own research suggests that's entirely fine too.

Best Wishes

PS: for anyone interested I suggest this reading.

Fluindione (Previscan®) is available in 20 mg tablet in France (8). Outside France, fluindione exists only in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Fluindione is the most prescribed VKA in France since decades, but in February 2019, the French National Authority for Health prohibited the prescription of fluindione in VKA naïve patients due to the risk of immuno-allergic,
nephro- and hepato-toxic side effects during the first 6 months of its administration (9).
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Aug 10, 2010
Hey, Pellicle:

You're aware that you can get Cod Liver Oil in capsules, aren't you?

If you ARE, and prefer lemon flavored Cod LIver Oil (I haven't tried either), you're probably braver than me. (If you can't get the capsules in Australia, let me know -- I'll export some to you, wherever you are).