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robert s

Hello to all. I have just completed Aortic Valve Replacement with Carpentier-Edwards Bovine Pericardial tissue Valve at the Cleveland Clinic & minimally invasive surgery. I can't say enough about the Cleveland Clinic. They are absolutely first rate from the surgeons to the nurses aides. My surgery was last Thursday (7/27). I was in the ICU by noon & had the breathing tube out by 2PM & was visited by my family. At 10 AM Friday, I was moved to my room. My roomate also had Aortic Valve Replacement but had a homograft. We hit it off well & were able to help each other through those first few days. Recovery was easier & faster than I expected. The pain was a lot less than I had feared (thanks to durgs!). I was discharged on Tuesday but could have been Monday based on my condition. My wife & I spent Tuesday night at the Intercontinental Suites Hotel which is right in the Clinic complex and caters almost toally to patients & their families. They really took great care of both of us through the entire process & were very senistive to what we were going through. Flew back home (Rochester NY) on Wendsday. Every day is better. I am down to jusst Tylenol & only take the pain drugs first thing in the morning. No problem doing my walking and prescribed exercises. Today is day 1 of week 2. Thanks to all of you folks, I was well prepared & informed. I now know how important that is to a successful prcedure. Thank you all.

Bob S.

Bill Hall

Bob - Glad to hear you made it through so well. I went to Cleveland also and thought they were great. However, I did get a little tired of it after 10 days. Good luck with your further recovery. I suspect it is all uphill from here.

Kevin M

Congrats Bob.
That flight must've had it's challenges.
I hope you will be able to marvel at how good you'll feel over the next two weeks.

Week 1 is the worst. After that, everything becomes SO much easier.

Glad you are feeling well. It sounds like you had some good care, which makes things easier to deal with.
Good luck with your recovery.


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Jun 10, 2001
snowy - Sharpsburg, Ga USA
Happy to see you over the mountaintop with the rest - gosh, we must be a HUGE crowd by now and aren't you glad you are one of the bunch. You will be experiencing the benefits from your very own personal miracle from now on. God bless


Hi Bob,

Glad to hear you did so well with your surgery. I bet that flight home was quite an experience. Only having to use Tylenol for pain in such a short amount of time is amazing, isn't it?

Sounds like we share the same surgery date along with Leslie D, possibly.



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Jun 5, 2001
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Isn't Life Grand?

Isn't Life Grand?

Congrats on your making it to the other side Bob. Life is a wonderful thing and I think those of us that come so near to losing it are much more appreciative than most. We are fighters and we will win the battles placed before us.

I'm thrilled that you are doing so well. Continue the great recovery and keep us posted.