Blood Pressure Meds What Works for You?

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Mar 7, 2014
Tucson, AZ USA
Pre surgery I had no significant blood pressure issues. Typically I think it averaged at a high normal. My cardiologist prescribed metoprolol in small dosage to relieve the pressure on the heart caused by the valve problem. Following surgery, June 2014, I am still on Metoprolol but not for blood pressure.

Blood pressure has been running higher than normal so we started with Lisinopril. It seemed to help but I developed the famous dry cough which was immediately diagnosed by my GP. The cough disappeared about a week after stopping the Lisinopril.

The Cardiologist changed the prescription to Valsartan. It did not seem as effective as the Lisinopril and I began to have horrible muscle and joint pain as well as muscle cramping. The cardiologist said to stop the Valsartan but did not offer a substitute.

Without the BP meds blood pressure varies from 115 to about 160 on a bad day. Today he prescribed something new but I am not certain what it is.

What works for you?