BAV, AA and New Blood Pressure Guidelines


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Feb 2, 2018
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Hell all!!

I come for advice and wisdom as I have many time before!! Many of my friends in this forum have already provided me with knowledge and comfort.

I am 27 with Bav(mild to mod regurgitaion, 4.0 and 3.6 dialated aorta). Recently have been having trouble controlling my blood pressure.

I saw two separate cardios these last 2 years at UCLA medical who suggested my target bp is below the 130s maybe even lower.

I tend to stay in the 130s/70s - 140s/80s. I was wondering if others in this forum have experience with this?

How do the new blood pressure guidelines over the past year affect ppl with bav and dialated aortas?

How much can uncontrolled blood pressure expedite my health issues?

thank you all in advance

tom in MO

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Jan 17, 2012
Those are questions for your current cardiologist. I would imagine that dropping your BP based upon new overall guidelines would have no direct effect on your bav or dilated aorta or they would have had you drop it already. Your blood pressure seems to be "controlled" w/o drugs. Make sure you take your BP at various times, you may be surprised to find it even lower. My BP was always higher at the Dr.'s office.

Your range was the same as mine presurgery at age 50 with blood pressure medication, so compared to me you are "controlled". After surgery I could lower my lisinopril dose and am lower in the 130/70 range no longer going into 140/80. I haven't been asked to drop my BP any more since the new guidelines came out and I just saw my cardio.