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robert s

I am 4 months post-op for an Aortic Valve repalacement at the Cleveland Clinic. I have been doing fine and am back to my normal routines. The only meds I am taking is 25 mg. of Lopressor twice a day. In the past few days, I have experienced brief periods of very rapid heart beats (300 bpm). It only lasts for 15 to 30 seconds and occurs in the middle of the night. Last night it happened about 4 or 5 times around 4 AM. Has anyone experienced this sensation? Does anyone know anything about this type of fibrilation? I will be seeing my Cardiologist soon to get his opinions.

Bob S.


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Jun 10, 2001
snowy - Sharpsburg, Ga USA
I can't address your problem, but just stick around and you will soon find many responses. The weekends in here are a bit slow because all are doing weekend things, but they will be along before long. From all I read here, don't think it's too uncommon to have fibs.

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Sep 1, 2001
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hi bob!
funny you should mention husband joey is 8 weeks post op and had a treadmill test earlier this week. presurgery he had experienced a few bouts with afib and they recurred post surgery despite the fact that he was on sotolol preventatively. so, they have him on amioderone now with plans to take him off it in dec.
the treadmill test showed some missed beats, but that didn't worry his doc. he was happy that there was no afib.
last night, however, when joey got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom he told me that he had some irregular (familiar to him ) beats for about 15 sec. he said that his heart rate wasn't particularly fast though.he also said that if it weren't for the amio, he thinks he may have gone into afib. maybe it was flutters.
he'll be calling his doc on monday, but he didn't think it was anything.

you must have been frightened by 300 bmp! have you called your doc? i think it would be a good idea to do so.
i'm sorry i couldn't help more. please let me know what your doc says and i will keep you posted as to what joey's says.
good luck and be well,

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