Apologies to Shakespeare

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VR.org Supporter
VR.org Supporter
Jun 26, 2021
New England
“Some are born needing valve surgery, some achieve valve surgery, and some have valve surgery thrust upon them.”
- Will Shakespeare, Twelfth Night 😉🎭

As one of those who have known for a long time that I would eventually need to deal with a malfunctioning heart valve (BAV in my case), l’ve had the time to do research; not enough to make me anything approaching an expert, but enough to make me (or anyone else on this forum, for example) at least slightly more knowledgeable on heart valves than the average human. One of the surprises for me was the number of cases in young - some very young - people. I appreciate and have been encouraged by the contributions to forums like this and to the general catalog of knowledge from those who have lived a full life with man-made parts from early on. It has given me, one who will “achieve“ valve replacement in my late-60s before the end of the month, a level of confidence I did not have when I was first told it was needed soon earlier this year. When a distant relative recently had valve replacement “thrust upon“ him (10 days from diagnosis to surgery), it also put me in a position to offer him and his family believable encouragement and comfort before his (now successful) surgery. Sites like this help. Thanks.