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I'm So Proud of You All

I'm So Proud of You All

You all have so helpful for Aidamenshel in her hour of need. It was truely inspirational to read all the helpful posts. I am youngster, 36, and could not have advised her as well you have all have. I am doing better and I am glad you were able to ease her mind so well. Big, gigantic hugs for you all. It brings tears to this one's eyes to see such loving support for each other, that is why I like it here so much.

Aortic valve replacement
St. Judes' valve

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Sep 1, 2001
Westchester, NY
i am in total agreement with you.... this is an amazing place. i feel like you are all family.very well said.
i think we all come back to give back what was given to us. i have so many of you to thank for holding my hand through joey's surgery. God bless you all,
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You all are wonderful people

You all are wonderful people

I really don't know how to thank you all for telling me "like it is". When I first came on, I was afraid to have the surgery for fear o being an invalid after. With all your help I will go ahead hoping I make it the way you have.

Sylvia, I do not yet have a scheduled date for the surgery. I told my cardiologist I would like to wait until January so he scheduled an appointment for mid-December with him. I guess then I will know more.

Kris, I think I will try to contact you by e-mail since your mother is so close to me in age. I have so many minor worries that you perhaps have been through.

Thank you all.



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Jun 10, 2001
snowy - Sharpsburg, Ga USA
Aida - At 67, I had quad bypass 3/2000 so can't relate to valves, however, I certainly can speak of the opening of the sternum, the shortness of breath, the tiredness and I had a heart attack before I was diagnosed. The surgery went well, I was in hospital for 6 days, came home to a cousin who took care of me, but I think I could've handled things at home as long as someone brought in the food that I could easily fix. At home, you will need frequent naps, exercise the way they show you in the hospital, and mostly just rest. I believe your husband could fix your meals as long as you have pre-bought it and maybe even cooked some of it and froze it. He could just defrost and there you are. He also could let you hold his arm for support should you need it. You can walk in your house for exercise. You can't drive for awhile, not lift for quite awhile, but you will feel GOOD. Maybe not instantly, but soon. As for pumphead, most of us just joke about that - I lose words, but someone either supplies it or it comes to me later, but I did that before. Concentration is not easy at first but it may be the combination of drugs and the surgery but passes. I wish you the very best and we are right here any time you care to drop in. We will walk with you all the way to the mountain you must climb and greet you on the other side and then you belong to us. Love and God bless

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