Aneurysm Repair, Joseph Coselli, Baylor, Houston??

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Mar 22, 2021
Has anyone had Aortic Aneurysm repair done in Houston with Dr. Coselli? He is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Heart Institute & Houston Methodist. My sister's cardiologist recommended him as a highly experienced aneurysm repair specialist for a second opinion re her graft which has developed 4.9-5.3 aneurysms at each end of the graft over the past year. Original OHS one year ago included an {AVR (Resilia) + ascending aortic aneurysm repair graft - unattached to the tissue-valve}. She is 68 y/o, HWP, in good condition otherwise, has some years of healthy diet + walking program, completed her 3 month post-surgery outpatient rehab program at the hospital without problems & is asymptomatic. However, her routine one-year post-surgery Cardiology exam with echo unexpectedly showed a shadow & the follow up MRI revealed aneurysms at both ends of the graft. The Surgeon reviewed the MRI with her & recommended to wait & take another image in 3 months. At last week's appointment with the Cardiologist, he said her current lifestyle was fine for the interim, but to watch her BP & not lift > 20#. When asked about a second surgical opinion, the Cardiologist referenced Dr. Coselli in Houston. Now regrouping for a consult in Houston. Thanks for any shares re Dr. Coselli, Houston facilities or other aneurysm repair specialists. jcoselli