"A surgical evening"

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Ola Thoresen

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Jan 28, 2013
Oslo, Norway
NRK - Norwegian Public Broadcasting - sent a whole evening, 2.5 hours, of heart surgery some months ago.
It is in Norwegian, so most of you might not understand the comments, but they do show both an "open" and a "closed" transplant of a heart valve in all its glory. These are real operations done on real patients, shown in real time - nothing hidden or censored.
They also show some animations and have a bit of a problem placing the "balloon" in the closed procedure which is quite "fun" to watch, at least if you understand the commentary.


So if any of you want to have a look at what you have been through, I think the program is available worldwide. I personally watched it a few weeks before my procedure, and I think maybe I should have waited until it was done, as some of the scenes look quite terrifying, and might scare you more than necessary. But it might be interesting to watch AFTER you have gone through it yourself, to see what is actually done to you.

(These are the same people that made the 134 hour long show about Hurtigruten - http://nrk.no/hurtigruten/?lang=en - so they do a few crazy things, and they are strangely popular).

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