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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
not sure if this has been covered here before, but its an interesting emerging technology


Pediatric heart valve disease affects children worldwide and necessitates valve replacements that remodel and grow with the patient. Current valve manufacturing technologies struggle to create valves that facilitate native tissue remodeling for permanent replacements. Here, we present focused rotary jet spinning (FRJS) for implantable medical devices, such as heart valves, to address this challenge. Combining RJS and a focused air stream, FRJS prints FibraValves, micro- and nanofibrous heart valves, in minutes. The micro- and nanoscale features provide structural cues to orient cells at the biotic-abiotic interface, while the centimeter-scale valve shape regulates cardiac flow. We built valves using poly(L-lactide-co-Ɛ-caprolactone) fiber scaffolds, which supported rapid cellular infiltration and displayed native valve-like mechanical properties. Evaluating clinical translatability, we assessed acute performance in a large animal model using a transcatheter delivery approach. These tests indicate that FRJS is a viable method for manufacturing heart valves and future medical implants.