2nd Surgery...

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Well, its been a while since Ive been on this. I am in my 10th year and have contacted endocarditis and have moderately to severely stenosis in both Aortic and Mitral valves. The endocarditis is Granulaticatella, which I understand is very rare. Not sure how I contacted this, but am being treated with IV Vancomycin, and half way through an 8 week treatment. There was a small vegetation spotted on my Mitral valve. The Valves themselves have held up well, but in conjunction with the IE, now time to consider getting both replaced. The Aortic probably has another year or two, and I would say the Mitral have a a few months..I think.

My cardio recommended the Cleveland Clinic and replacing both again with tissues. Since I am 59, his thoughts are there is a newer generation of valves that have greater durability and they would both be able to be replaced by catheter, by the time they wear out.

Just looking for some thoughts on both, the IE and the valves, and who has had work done at the Cleveland Clinic. Both my valves are edwards pericardials and performed well during this time.

Thanks so much and hope everyone is well