2009 acforum.org presentations

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Sep 23, 2003
near Fort Worth TX
I periodically check out the Anticoagulation Forum's website, www.acforum.org. This organization is the one that developed a competency testing program for anticoagulation managers.

It has a convention every two years, and I found a list of some of the presentations given.

There were several at the 2009 meeting on self-testing. (Jack Ansell gave one of them.)

We often say here that self-testing and adjusting your own dosage is not rocket science. There was a presentation by an MD -- my guess is that she is a warfarin patient herself due to getting a mechanical several years go -- about a patient's perspective on self-testing.

Enjoy the presentations!


You can also navigate your way to their webinars. There's one on use of oral vitamin K vs. placebo to correct excessive anticoagulation.