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Sep 20, 2010
Bangalore, India
My doctors have told me that there is little reason for mechanical valves to "wear out" and my docs felt my valve will still be clicking when I draw my last breath. My valve was implanted when I was 31 and it will be 55 years old in about three weeks......Aug, 16. Alas, that also means I am naturally getting "old" and at my current age of 86.5 (well beyond life expectancy), I am sure that something, probably Cardiovascular in nature, will "take me out" in the not too distant future.

Also, remember that open heart surgery is a fairly new surgery with the first being a gentleman in 1961 who lived 12 years.......and then died when he fell off a roof doing some repairs. I imagine that Chuck may be "right on" when he projects the life of a mechanical valve to be 100 years.......now we just have to figure out a way for the rest of the body to last that long.
Dick your valve is 55 years and still ticking. This is the best news I heard. Thanks and it was so reassuring. I wish you good health and wish that you complete a century.