17 years with my Edwards bovine

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Nov 4, 2020
Congratulations on the longevity of your valve. It is so different for everyone. Mine lasted 12 years, before it was replaced at age 58, but began deteriorating at about 7 years, with a slow decline - I was super fit, a regular gym attender with high cardio workouts. A friend of mine lasted only 3 years, but he was very active (competitive mountain biker) and about 10 years younger than me. I will be facing a third surgery, as was unable to choose a mechanical value due to a blood disorder, so hoping that I might get a bit longer this time around...still active in the gym but being more conservative with my cardio workouts although still fitter than most of my peers. Although recovery took a bit longer this time round and some complications remain (double vision and bradycardia). Sadly, TAVI won't be an option due to my anatomy (odd positioning of arteries) and added complication of Coarctation of aorta. Very happy for you that you've gotten the lifespan out of your valve that you got.

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