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Congratulations. Don't sweat the valve deuteriation issue. Each person's body chemistry is different, that's why tissue valves don't last the same length of time in every patient.
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Trifecta bovine tissue valve was taken off the market in mid 2023 due to potential early Structural Valve Deterioration!
True. IIRC, most do just fine, but there were some which experienced early failure.

Looks like I made it past the 'early' period and my latest echocardiogram shows it's in excellent shape...whew!
Excellent! It sounds like you got one of the good ones!!

Here's to many many more years!
Had Trifecta implanted in May 2017. Last May had echo and it showed moderate leakage but was stable and I was put on watch alert for further problems. Everything was fine until about October 2023 when I started to notice a cough and need to have head raised in bed. About Thanksgiving 2023 went to clinic with what felt like a Charlie Horse across my back. They did an echo and put me in hospital with what I was told was a badly deteriorated AV. TAVR done the next day which went well. The problem is that I have not recuperated to the condition I was expecting to . Been 6 months now and I am starting to feel a light headedness and weaker. Went to rehab after TAVER and things went well with no problems but now I know there is something going on. Having echo in couple of weeks and consult with Cardio. Trifecta went South quickly. I did not know of any problems with the valve. Just **** luck