10 years post AVR, porcine valve now wheezing

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If I sit in a totally quiet room or lie down on my right side I can hear my heart making a rhythmic wheezing. it almost sounds like a puppy whining. At night in bed, my wife can hear it too. Since it doesnt appear to be an emergency, I am on the schedule to see my Cardio but its going to be a couple week (youre lame Emory). Has anyone had this type of noise start this long after their AVR?


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Mar 4, 2019
Update: My wife made me call back and get a sooner appointment and the best they could do was a week later with a Physicians Assistant.

Meanwhile, late one evening i become short of breath, and, per the PA at the cardiologist i went to the ER. they did an Echo, EKG, Catscan with contrast, xray, and bloodwork. St Joes ER docs tell me there is a sound but nothing wrong. They send me home.

A few days later the PA/Nurse Practitioner checks my test results from the ER and puts me on a telemetry heart monitor for a few weeks.

I call back for the follow up to the heart monitoring and luck out and get a slot with my cardiologist.

after a review of the past and present echo reports my cardio is stumped as to why me porcine valve would be making more noise. all the echo measurements/readings seem within normal ranges. He takes a listen with his stethascope and seems puzzled again, saying that doesnt sound like normal turbulence. He listens around more and asks if i have been keeping up with my cycling. I have and have gotten really fast. He asks if im staying aerobic to which i explain that i am except for some of the very steep hills. long story short, he thinks i have popped one of the sutures that hold the valve in place and blood is squirting out the side.

He said come back in 6 months instead of 12 for another echo.

tom in MO

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Jan 17, 2012
Wow, that sounds disconcerting. Why did he think it was not a problem requiring more immediate attention? Why does it not need "fixing?"

If you do any exercises where you hold your breath, I'd think about doing something different. I was told that in Cardio rehab that the only type of exercise to avoid is one where you hold your breath due to the stress it puts on your cardiovascular system.
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