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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    That is good to hear. I have the same valve and just passed 8 years with no noticeable deterioration.
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    Gil, are you taking Warfarin or for anticoagulation or something else? Just curious.
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    Aortic valve repair or replacement

    Hope your surgery went well. We are all survivors here and welcome another.
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    BAV and Thoracic Aneurysm

    8 years post op AVR for BAV, no aneurism found on echoes every 2 years.
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    Just diagnosed with Aortic Aneurysm and leaking Aortic Valve

    My AVR was 8 years ago. Developed occasional Afib about 5 years ago and constant A flutter last July. I had a cardiac ablation done 10 weeks ago and have been fib and flutter free for the past 8 weeks.
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    Pacemaker Poll

    I had standard AVR done 7.5 years ago. The surgery was botched and redone 4 weeks later. Three days after the second surgery it was determined necessary to have a pacemaker installed due to no conduction between upper and lower chambers. They used a St. Jude (now Abbott) pacemaker with no...
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    Still struggling cardio wise running, etc. 2.8 years after Aortic Valve replacement

    Do you know the size of the valve used in the replacement? That can make a big difference in your ability to perform physically post surgery. I had minimally invasive AVR 7.5 yrs ago but the surgery was botched (bad sutures causing perivalvular leakage). The surgery had to be repeated 4 weeks...
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    We have to remember that all surgeries carry risks of unwanted side effects, and open heart surgery is pretty serious no matter what the surgeon says. And this type of surgery has added years to our lives and we should remember to be grateful for that. Your symptoms sound markedly more severe...
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    I still remember the first thing I noticed upon waking up from the AVR surgery 7 1/2 years ago was a throbbing sensation (not pain) of my heartbeat from the back of my head where it rested on the pillow down to my shoulders. Mine was a tissue valve so I was surprised to feel every heartbeat that...
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    Sounds like he will need a permanent pacemaker. I needed one placed a few days following AVR. It was an easy procedure and virtually no recovery issue. Don't be afraid of it, everyone should have one! Not only does it keep your heart within a prescribed pulse rate, it monitors your heartbeat...
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    12/2011 AVR. Had congestive heart failure due to leakage around the new tissue valve (sutures were loose). AVR successfully re-done 01/2012. Echo last week shows valve working perfectly.
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    Big Day

    Good luck Dutchboy.
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    Aortic valve replaced January 2012 with Edwards Perimount Magna Ease 3300TFX 25 mm (porcine), so over 7 years. My next echo is at the end of this month, but valve was still perfect as of last echo. I am 71 male and very active. If I was told I needed a replacement in the near future, it would...
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    Aortic valve replaced in 12/2011 but surgery was botched so replaced again in 01/2012. After the second surgery the pulses were not reaching the ventricles so a St. Jude pacer was installed about 4 days following the second surgery. As everyone else has said, no big deal at all. In fact the...
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    Just got the news: BAV (Age 40)

    Henry, I am a 67 year old male. My AVR was 3 1/2 years ago. I have a 25mm Edwards tissue valve. In the weeks following the surgery I was very aware of my heartbeat, but that has resolved over time. I still have the awareness when I lie on my left side so I tend to fall asleep lying on my right...
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