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    Pneumonia vaccine

    So to close the loop, my cardio said to get the vaccine but deferred to my pcp regarding which vaccine. PCP said pneumovax 23. However, it turns out that Minute Clinic only starts with Prevnar 13. The nurse said I should get Prevnar 13 today, and then the pneumovax 23 in 8 weeks as we are...
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    Pneumonia vaccine

    What is the 2x vaccine?
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    Pneumonia vaccine

    I have a st Jude aortic valve. Wondering if anyone with a mechanical valve gets the pneumonia vaccine. I’m only 46, but my husband just received the pneumonia vaccine thinking it may provide some protection against Coronavirus (or the resulting pneumonia) since he has a very poor immune system...
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    Yet Another Colonoscopy Question

    This is an interesting discussion. I am turning 47 and think about the colonoscopy issue. My mother has polyps removed frequently and had part of her colon removed after they found a flat polyp (she spent a week in the hospital). my cardio said when I turn 50, I should stop warfarin for 5 days...
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    Well, that was quick!

    Best of luck! I was 41 - just shy of 42- with two young children when I had my St Jude aortic valve conduit put in (I believe via Bentall. Coming up on my 5 year anniversary!
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    Expenses (US) for coumadin/warfarin... what should I expect?

    I used to pay $10 for 90 day supply, but now it is covered at no charge. You may be able to get it at Walmart on their $4 per month plan without insurance.
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    Cyborg in training

    My insurance made me wait three months. My Inr was crazy after surgery. Took about 4 weeks to rise above 2.
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    Anxiety about upcoming surgery.

    You can ask for extra pain meds prior to removal. That’s what I did.
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    Own v. Rent INR Machine?

    Numbers are not wrong. I pay 101 per month. Without insurance it would be 250, but I get the benefit of the insurance negotiated rate. My deductible is about $4k so I pay the entire 101 per month myself. Insurance doesn’t pay anything, unless I have met my deductible for another reason. Funny...
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    Cyborg in training

    Take it easy it rehab initially. I started out walking like a turtle at first, but was running 7.5 mph by the end. Just don’t push it at first.
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    Cyborg in training

    My surgeon put my range at 1.9-2.3 for st Jude aortic valve conduit. My cardio prefers me at 2.3 to 2.8. I also take aspirin. You might not be able to home test until 3 months post op for insurance. Definitely do cardiac rehab. I was 41 and a runner - rehab was amazing. I think they wouldn’t...
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    Own v. Rent INR Machine?

    I go through insurance. I pay 101 every four tests (I test weekly). I call in to coaguchek, they call my cardiology practice (kind of crazy). My Coumadin clinic does not charge. The6 just call me back and tell me what to do.
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    5 Year Mark

    Great! Happy anniversary.
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    (Yet Another) Mechanical/Tissue Dilemma – 37 years old with ticking clock

    I should add that many others are fine with activities like heavy digging and shoveling. I’m pretty tiny - about 99 lbs - so maybe I’m just getting old!
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    (Yet Another) Mechanical/Tissue Dilemma – 37 years old with ticking clock

    I was 41 (almost 42) when I had surgery. For me, Coumadin is a non-issue. I eat what I want (even broccoli and spinach, and not in consistent amounts) and just adjust the warfarin dose if needed. I don’t really drink so I’m not the best advice giver there, but I have a glass of wine occasionally...
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    Getting ready for an cardiac angiogram.

    I had it a few days prior to surgery. Weirdly, I was more nervous about that than surgery. I unfortunately had a student nurse who couldn’t get a line in anywhere but it turned out to be a blessing. They gave me some sort of anti anxiety pill to get the line in so I have no clue what happened...
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    AVR tomorrow

    Best wishes!
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    BAV and Marfan's?

    My understanding is they operate on Marfan’s Patients at a lower aortic diameter due to risk of aortic dissection, even without biscuspid valves.
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    Nervious about husband's surgery

    I’m sure all will be fine! I was 41, had my surgery four years ago. My daughters were 6 and 8.
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    I'm a little worried! Valve leakage!!

    Right after my surgery, my cardio thought I had a paravavular leak. My surgeon insists it’s impossible, and it’s just how my valve works (something about backwash). Perhaps just ask if that is a possibility? I have a st Jude valve conduit (valve connected with Dacron graft).
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