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    Volunteer Roll Call

    Hey all, been a minute since I have been here, had my OHS to repair my BAV in Jan 2017, been doing pretty well since. I wanted to chat a bit about volunteering on the cardiac ward. I had a lovely visit from a volunteer who had OHS when I was recovering and I recall that I loved seeing him and...
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    Hi Y'all...used to be more active around these parts, then the surgery and I haven't been around for a while. Hard to find communities for us heart patients though! Anyways, today I am wondering if anyone else here does OrangeTheory? It's basically a HIIT program branded with colour zones and...
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    Today 12 APR 2017 - Deeeeeeppppppp Thoughts :-)

    Hey hey, I did not see a today thread for the ole chit chat, my apologies if it exists, feel free to flambe the new guy. I am 72 days post Full Frontal as I've taken to calling it lately and feeling pretty good in peeps have mentioned, up days and down days. I have another rehab...
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    Lag and mobile

    Hiya folks, So, I have come to this site a time or three and I have some feedback. The page load lag is an issue. I am not sure as to all the technicalities thereof or the why for's and whatnot, but it is a distraction/impediment to some folks I would imagine. I am 42 so hardly an inexperienced...
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    Recovery Trajectory Question

    Hey folks, I have been recovering really well from my AV repair 2 weeks ago today and had followups with my GP and Cardiac team. All looks tickey boo - next hurdle being the 6 week echo, which I'm gonna try not to stress about... Anyways, my question is this: When can I expect my heart to be...
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    New Guy done made it through the zipper gates!

    Hey kids, well I made it through the surgery last week. It was a week today and I was on the table right now. I have an AV repair, with nothing else required at this time. Quite the experience from top to bottom. Thanks to all on this site for helping me with mental preparation and in the weeks...
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    Life Insurance disclosure?

    Hey guys, Been poking around since discovering I have BAV which requires OHS fairly soon. One topic is my insurance policy. I read through it and talked to my lawyer but still have no clear answer to my duties to report this issue to them. Anyone have any experience on this? I'm in Canada and...
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    Yes, I am the new guy

    Hey folks, So, pneumonia in late October led to the detection of a heart murmur, which led to a heart echo, which led to the discovery of BAVD with a side of severe regurgitation. I am 41, male from Winnipeg (go Jets go) and had no inkling anything was wrong with my temple. Now, as I'm sure you...
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