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    Nervious about husband's surgery

    I had my AVRepair when I was 41 and my boy was 6. Time flies and now some days I forget I even had it. Take care of yourselves and find ways to talk about your fears and anxieties, it helped me and my love.
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    Volunteer Roll Call

    What city are you in?
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    Volunteer Roll Call

    Yikes, that seems like a story waiting to be told...haha We get 5 bucks, must be nice to afford cafeteria steak and caviar!
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    Volunteer Roll Call

    Hey everyone, been meaning to come back and update! Holy guacamole, volunteering on the ward is great! What a fantastic way to connect with folks who are in the same club. I essentially get to go chat with folks for a couple of hours once a week! And what a range of experiences, from those who...
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    Volunteer Roll Call

    Well, I got through the orientation and will be heading to my first training shift on Wednesday! I find I am really looking forward to it, can't wait!
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    Thanks for the feedbacks, I am thinking along the same lines. I have less of an issue being competitive with the person next to me, and often throttle back when things get too intense. I like that I can see the feedback on the screen and pair that with how I am feeling. In talking to my doctor...
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    Long time, no posting

    People sure are strange with the change blame game, hope you are healing from all the wounds! Keep hanging in, something fab could be lurking!
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    Volunteer Roll Call

    Hey all, been a minute since I have been here, had my OHS to repair my BAV in Jan 2017, been doing pretty well since. I wanted to chat a bit about volunteering on the cardiac ward. I had a lovely visit from a volunteer who had OHS when I was recovering and I recall that I loved seeing him and...
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Add me to the list of those in gratitude, this site came in handy when fear was's to many more years of this site helping people.
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    great tip, thanks!
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    Hi Y'all...used to be more active around these parts, then the surgery and I haven't been around for a while. Hard to find communities for us heart patients though! Anyways, today I am wondering if anyone else here does OrangeTheory? It's basically a HIIT program branded with colour zones and...
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    We might be twins...I'm in Winnipeg and got my diagnosis by surprise and luck too...had my repair to AV on Jan 30, 2017...glad to hear you're doing well!
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    I love that pillow
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    Lag and mobile

    Gotcha epstns, thanks! I know all too well the endless pit that can be tech issues...
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    I survived! So happy! :)

    I've often been struck by the gifts of OHS...the small changes to outlook will, on balance, make these twirls around the Sun far more rewarding and vivid. Many lose sight of relationship purpose, and get locked in on one person who just ain't right. I've been guilty of it as well. Good luck with...
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    When to call the doc

    Hey, I am 80 days out. I never had much sharp pain...lots of aching and discomfort...I got the ribs/lungs thing...just try to realize you were opened up and it takes a while to settle. I think the rehab is a must, I get lots from it, beyond the actual exercise, it's nice to be with a group...
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    Lag and mobile

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    A whine about wine...try not to judge!

    The Booze has been around for quite a few years, not to mention other forms of relaxation/escapism or whatever you call it in your sphere...might be a reason for that? My .02? If your behaviour is ok, who cares what you decide to ingest, barring self harm of course...if it ain't deal with the...
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    Staying the Course -- 04-17-2017

    Hey hey...feeling great here 77 days post Full Frontal....mental faculties restoring to optimum...
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