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  1. W. Carter

    Anti Inflammatory Options While On Warfarin?

    I have resided to going without any arthritis meds or over the counter pain meds. Even Tylenol shoots my INR up. If I get a cold I just do what my INR clinic advised. Tough it out. Some say they take Tylenol with no problems but from what i've learned the hard way Warfarin effects everyone...
  2. W. Carter

    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    Yep mine got worse after OH surgery. It doesn't even bother me any more. I will feel light headed just before then one of my eyes will go almost blind for a couple of minutes. Headaches have also got worse after surgery. Not sure if it is the warfaran or not. That was the only med that was...
  3. W. Carter


    Every time I have drank too much grapefruit juice I will pee blood the next morning. Same with tomatoe juice. Quit drinking it and urine clears up. So yes it does. I just quit trying to drink either.
  4. W. Carter

    How to Lower Cholesterol on Warfarin?

    My doctor prescribed me Lipitor. It doesn't effect my INR at all and works.
  5. W. Carter

    Carbomedics valve, anyone?

    Going on 5 years with Carbomedics Carboseal. Ascending aortic and valve. It was just the choice they used at VA Hospital. No problems i'm happy with it.
  6. W. Carter

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I'm going on 5 years with Carbomedics Carboseal. Replacing ascending aortic and valve. Hardly ever notice any ticking anymore and test every 6 weeks for INR at VA Hospital unless it is off. If it is off they will schedule me every 2 weeks until back to normal. I have an ultrasound every two...
  7. W. Carter

    Those with aortic regurgitation

    The problems most people have is CHF, fatigue, fluid retention, hard time climbing stairs, and hard time sleeping due to gasping for air. When it gets to this point it's time to replace the valve.
  8. W. Carter

    Aged Garlic Extract?

    Garlic is good for you. I just get mine through foods that I eat. Be careful taking too much if you are on warfarin. It is supposed to interact in high doses.
  9. W. Carter

    12 weeks now. Tired and memory loss?

    It will happen less and less as time goes on. I am a year and a half post op and I still get confused sometimes but nothing like right after surgery. I also still have the painful cramping in my shoulder and arm from the surgery but it might only happen every couple of months. The thumping and...
  10. W. Carter

    Mechanical Valve Replacement

    Best wishes on your surgery! I was 57 and my surgeon recommended a mechanical valve because of age, I did it and never looked back. I am doing everything now that I did before, the only difference now I have to put a band aid on cuts to stop the bleeding. No regrets at all about my decision. It...
  11. W. Carter

    Dosing thoughts?

    I usually don't follow the a/c clinic recommendations if it doesn't sound right. The last time I had to bridge my INR wasn't coming up as fast as they wanted so they advised me to take 2 extra pills (2.5 mg each) with my regular dose. That seemed like a little too much to me so I only took 1...
  12. W. Carter

    Still bridging with lovenox 11 days after procedure

    That is a pretty accurate model for dosing. My weekly dose is 45 mg and my INR usually runs at 3.0 consistently. But like you said we are adults so who knows for children. I imagine when her INR gets into range like it is now she will continue at her dose prior to her procedure. It seems low...
  13. W. Carter

    Still bridging with lovenox 11 days after procedure

    My experiences with bridging have been the same. Each time that I had to bridge it was difficult to get the INR up to range. They should add 10% more on top of her usual dose each week until she is in range. She will need to keep getting injections until she is up to 2.5. It sucks and your...
  14. W. Carter

    Vitamin K and new blood thinners

    All of you guys hit it right on the head. I just don't understand why people think that all the newer anticoagulant medications are or will be any safer than Warfarin. Any medication that slows down the natural clotting factor of our blood may not be safe in worst case scenarios. It is just the...
  15. W. Carter

    On-X and Lower INR Protocol

    To my knowledge all of the newer valves are coated with pyrolitic carbon. I don't know why everyone is so fixated on a lower INR range. My range is 2.5-3.5 and I can't tell the difference between 2.0 and 3.5 when I cut myself. I'm quite happy with my INR at 3.5 or slightly higher at times. I...
  16. W. Carter

    Life Expectancy after Valve Replacement

    And thats on a 1967 Starr-Edwards valve. It may be better than the newer ones. :)
  17. W. Carter

    Cilantro high or low Vit K? Found sources saying both

    I'm pretty sure why it is a little high. I bridged to have a colonoscopy with lovenox. I had a hard time getting my INR up to range so they had me take 2.5 mg. more than my usual dose 3 weeks in a row. It will go back down because I have been on the same dose 45 mg. weekly for a long time and it...
  18. W. Carter

    Cilantro high or low Vit K? Found sources saying both

    I busted 2 myths yesterday. I went into the V.A. Hospital for my once monthly blood draw. A couple hours later one of the anticoagulation doc's gives me a call. She tells me my INR was 3.64 which is only 1 point higher than my range (2.5-3.5). She was one of the good ones, she tells me don't...
  19. W. Carter

    Shopping for heart valves

    At 50 I would recommend a mechanical valve for sure. Warfarin is not that bad after your body adjusts to it and you will get use to the clicking sound. Hopefully sparring an infection of the valve it will last you a good 40 years.
  20. W. Carter

    Am I allowed to celebrate my six month anniversary?

    Sure man, 6 months is a milestone. At 6 months your energy starts coming back and your body is finally use to the Warfarin plus the INR is stabilized, or should be. Congrats! Many more 6 month milestones to come.
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