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    Mild regurgitation post mitral valve repair surgery

    Hello, I had mitral valve repair 15 months ago. My recent echocardiogram shows mild regurgitation. My cardiologist is not concerned and I don't have to come back or have another echo for a year. I am reassured but wondered if anyone else has had this? Thanks.
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    Correction on needing help - nervous

    So sorry should have posted RVSP ( not LVEF) Right ventricle
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    Can you help me with this? Nervous.

    Hi I just got my echocardiogram results from last week and I don't see my cardiologist until next week. I am reading this and getting nervous. I had minimally invasive mitral valve repair 15 months ago and I had a LVEF between 55% and 65% and it is now between 40 to 45%. Also, it shows mild...
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    Mitral valve repair - after effects

    Im 15 months post mitral valve repair. I'm feeling great and exercising consistently. I wore an event device for a month after experiencing A fib once and the device showed that I have some irregular beats so I have to take coumidan for life. Anyone else experience this?
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    85 Silent Migraines Since Surgery 10/2018

    I had an average of 6 to 12 silent migraines per year starting in 2006. After mitral valve repair I have had 85. That number does not include the days I had 2 or 3 per day. I have consulted with the surgeon who told me to drink more water, my cardiologist who never heard of it and my primary...
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    Question on b/p increase 7 months after surgery

    I had a mitral valve heart repair 7 months ago. I've been doing very well and completed all of my cardio rehab appointments. During rehab my blood pressure was checked and was always in the 120's over 60+ or 70+. I didn't check it for about a month and was surprised to see it was 171/65 and...
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    I was supposed to be on blood thinners for 3 months after my mitral valve repair which was successful and Im feeling great. I had 1 AFib event 3 weeks after surgery. Also I have arrythmias that last a few seconds that were detected by wearing a cardiac event device for a month. I was in cardiac...
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