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    Pneumonia vaccine

    I have a st Jude aortic valve. Wondering if anyone with a mechanical valve gets the pneumonia vaccine. I’m only 46, but my husband just received the pneumonia vaccine thinking it may provide some protection against Coronavirus (or the resulting pneumonia) since he has a very poor immune system...
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    High systolic blood pressure

    So work has been ridiculously stressful lately. On Friday, I felt like I almost fainted at my desk, and my coworker mentioned that she’s been hearing my heartbeat much more frequently. I was fine yesterday. My 11 year old and I did heavy yard work, which included digging out these enormous, well...
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    Warning - This is gross

    Wasn’t sure where to put this.....long story short, I tripped on a pothole while carrying my small dog on Sunday night. My dog is fine but I banged up both elbows, both knees and my hand (I think I cradled my dog so didn’t use my hands to break my fall). Nothing broken, just badly bruised. My...
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    Compare home test with lab

    On Saturday, I went to lab around 1030 am to check my INR via a blood test in conjunction with my annual physical labs. I do this about once a year to compare the lab results with my coaguchek. I should have done the home test immediately prior....but it ended up being about 4 hours later. In...
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    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    So I never do this....but last night I might have forgotten my warfarin. Now I can’t remember if I took it tonight! I home test and I was a 2.4 on Friday morning. Should I test tomorrow? I just can’t remember if I took it and I’m afraid to take it twice. Think I need to start using my pill...
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    Snow shoveling

    I’m curious what others have been told by their doctors about snow shoveling after AVR. I was told it’s fine. However, it definitely affects me. Luckily, my husband was here and can help with most of it but that’s not always the case. I’m okay while I am shoveling (most of the time) but feel off...
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    Weird things happening

    my surgery was over 3 years ago. St Jude aortic valve conduit (graft). The past few weeks, my heart has been skipping a bit (I am not on metaprolol - allergic). It hasn’t done that since right after surgery I think. I haven’t felt well the past few days but I have been very stressed, not...
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    Weird things happening

    my surgery was over 3 years ago. St Jude aortic valve conduit (graft). The past few weeks, my heart has been skipping a bit (I am not on metaprolol - allergic). It hasn’t done that since right after surgery I think. I haven’t felt well the past few days but I have been very stressed, not...
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    Is this afib? Three years out.

    I am a little over 3 years post surgery with a mechanical valve. All has generally been great. However, I have been working a ridiculous amount of hours lately and barely sleeping. Yesterday, I had a migraine with aura and last night after drive home 4 hours from a business trip I think I had...
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    Three years tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is my three year anniversary. St Jude mechanical valve conduit. I check in here frequently - this site was a great source of support for me. I am only 44 now so expect to continue reading this site to both provide and seek support as I eventually face the challenges of growing old on...
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    Running races?

    I am curious whether any of your doctors mentioned running restrictions - my surgeon said no restriction generally, but I forgot to ask specifically about running. I run, but don't push myself. This weekend I walk/ran a charity race with my young daughter and remembered how much I liked racing...
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    Dizzy when crouching or bending?

    Anytime I crouch or bend over for a few minutes, I am very dizzy when I stand up. This has happened since getting on Coumadin - noticed it again today while painting a small end table (it didn't smell, so it wasn't the fumes!). My blood pressure is fine. Does this happen to anyone else? I...
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    First time ever - forgot warfarin!

    its been two years since my surgery, and yesterday I forgot to take my warfarin. I self test but am managed by my Coumadin clinic. It was a hectic week - I forgot to do my usual self test on Thursday morning. I remembered Friday night, and tested. It was 2.3 (my range is 2.3-2.8). But then I...
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    Push ups?

    i am two years out of surgery. Yesterday, I did several push ups in a workout video (hardwood floor) and in the past week have had to plunge several toilets (I'm small so this requires great effort). My sternal wires really hurt after the last plunging this morning. I am going to stop push...
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    Safe vitamins?

    does anyone know a brand of vitamin without vitamin k? My diet is not great so I think taking vitamins would be wise. I already take iron supplements due to very low iron. I know they could simply adjust my warfarin if I took a regular vitamin, but I'm already on a high dose (10 ng twice a...
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    Running in cold weather after AVR

    i have a mechanical valve with valve conduit - will be 2 years in April. I used to be an avid runner, but then kids and life made me a weekend jogger. I have noticed that I have discomfort post AVR when I run outside in cold temperatures - less than 30 degrees F. It isn't the speed - I was...
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    Heater Cooler machine infections

    I saw on the news yesterday (and have since read several articles) that a heater cooler machine used in many heart surgeries in the past 4 years harbored a rare infection. Anyone else read about this? I have not yet received a letter from My hospital. Infection takes months or years to develop.
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    completing health history forms

    I had AVR (mechanical valve with Dacron tube) last year as a result of an aneurysm. I struggle with the health history questions on various forms- particulately when forms ask about heart disease. I don't view this as heart disease - it was a thoracic aortic aneurysm - and I am now fixed...
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    Menopause and warfarin

    So I think I might be headed into peri menopause. I go to the doctor in a few weeks. I am curious whether other women on warfarin take hormone replacement therapy? I am not planning on it because I am scared to take anything - don't even take birth control pills. But I doubt my doc had...
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    Disney rides

    Not sure if I should post here or on the post op board - so posted in both places. Planning on going to Disney in Orlando. I am not a fan of roller coasters, but Expect to join my children on many rides. I am on coumadin. Surgery was a year ago. Have any of you been advised of restrictions...
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