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  1. Sharon K

    Could someone please read my ecg

    Hello, Wondering if someone could please help me with reading this ecg. I bought a Sonohealth ecg reader a while back, and most of the time it puts my mind at rest when I feel my heart is beating weird. For the last couple of days I have been having a lot of missed beats and wondering if this...
  2. Sharon K

    Fast progression of AVA reading

    Hello, I recently had an echo with a new private Cardiologist (was previously a public patient) and my AVA reading was 1.1cm with a mean gradient of 23 and max gradient of 44. I didn't have the previous echo reports with me, nor could I recall the previous reading and my Cardiologist didn't have...
  3. Sharon K

    Beta blocker

    Hello, a first poster here :) I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve, dilated aorta and a mitral valve prolapse 8 years ago and have been asymptomatic until very recently. My cardiologist has ordered a ct angiogram which is being done tomorrow for which he has prescribed a beta blocker to...
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