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    Tricuspid valve repair

    Tomorrow I go see my Cardiologist. About the next step on getting my Tricuspid valve repaired..I have been looking into the Robotic procedure. I pray I don't have to have my sternum cracked open again. My Echo and TEE showed severely leaking and enlarge right side of my heart. If anyone has had...
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    INR today!! 1.6

    Hi All, Its been awhile since I've started a thread. I've been cking in every fews days so maybe have missed others that R having the same problem. My INR has been dropping the last few weeks, from 3.0 to 2.7 then 2.5 then 2.3 now it has hit 1.6. Put a call into the Cardio Dr. still waiting to...
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    What's up with CHAT???

    Does anyone know if CHAT is up and running? We have been without it for weeks and I miss it! :( So what's up??
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    3 year birthday celebration!!!

    Well, it's been three years since my double valve surgery.:) I have been doing great as far as my heart is. I have my yearly Echo in August so will have an update then. I've been ticking for three years boy, time flys when your having fun! :D I am having cake and ice cream to celebrate. :cool...
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    Memorial Day!!

    Hey Everybody!! What's up with all of you for Memorial Day? Just thought I would through this in and wish everybody a safe one. :) Also remember the Veterans that have given themslves for our FREEDOM!!!!
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    Where's Zipper2??

    Hey, has anyone heard from Zipper2 (Deb). I haven't seen her on the forum for over a week. I hope she's ok! Just worried when I don't see someone who just had surgery not post for awhile. Anybody know anything?
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    Chat Time Anyone???

    Come One Come All Let's Chat!!!!! I'm going on Chat anybody want to join??????:):)
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    Vistors to Georgia!!!! (reunion of valvers)

    Hi all you Georgia valvers. My husband and I will be coming into Atlanta, Georgia on March 8th thru the 14th. We would love to meet some of the vr forum members while we are there. I've already contacted Sheepdog (Greg) and Halleyg on line and they would love to meet up too. So lets see if we...
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    Osteoathritis and Warfarin

    Hi Everyone, I need a little help on answering a question and I know I'm in the right place. Last week my GP Dr. said I had Osteoathritis in my knees. I have been taking Calcium for quite sometime now. So decided to try taking some Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSN. So went to the health food...
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    I'm so excited!!!!

    Well, I just got approved today for my very own INR machine.:cool: The insurance will be paying 100% and that includes all the strips needed. I'm so happy to not have to be poked another time at the Lab.:eek: They send someone out to my house to train me on the INR machine and also leave me...
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    Hi all, I've havent done to much posting lately because my brother was taken in for a by pass surgery on Thursday. Then ended up doing 5 arteries and has had CAD for quite sometime. :eek: I have a question on one of the meds they put him on and wanted to know if anyone had heard or knew about...
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    Hr at resting was 112!!!

    I've noticed the last few days that my heart beats have been jumping and beating irregular mainly at resting. Well yesterday I went to my cardio rehab and my resting heart rate was 112. Usually its around 89-94. A couple of other times it was around 102 & 107. I told the nurse and she wanted me...
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    Trip to YellowStone 2008

    Hi Everybody, Finally got some pics download for you to see our wonderful trip to Yellowstone, Hope you enjoy!!! Crystal :) Madison Hot Springs:
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    Help!! Bad Echo Report....

    Hi everyone, Got the results of my CT Scan and the Echo. It's a good news bad news scenairo. My CT Scan of my lungs was great the dr. said I was at 97 percent pretty good for only having 1 full size lung and the other only about half. But, the bad news was my Echo which showed modate to severe...
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    My OHS 2nd Birthday June 20, 2006!!!!

    Today marks the 2nd year since my OHS @ Stanford. It's an emotional one just thinking back of that day!!! GLAD TO BE ALIVE!!!! Wanted to let you all know so you can celebrate with me...:D
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    Happy Father's Day!!!

    Happy Father"s Day!!!! To All The Vr's Dads,Grandpa's. Hope You Have A Great Day!!!
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    (Bruised Left Forearm) HELP IT HURTS...

    Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since I've started a Thread so here gos I need your input: Monday I did something to my left forearm,I don't know if I hit it on something or strained it lifting frozen chickens out of the freezer. Anyways I woke uo the next morning all swollen and hurting like hek...
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    INR Check!!!

    Hi All, After two months of my INR bring as low as 1.3. It is finally in range at 2.4. I feel so much better. Wanted to let you'all know. Pray it stays that way for awhile. :)
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    Back on line!!!!Have a couple of questions?

    I've been out for sometime well since November anyways. Had alot of medical problems. Had Lung surgery to remove a nodule that had been there before my heart surgery. Also developed a kidney problem so was in/out of hospital three times now I'm recovery at home. Nothing like being home!!! Well...
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