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  1. mecretired

    Alcohol pads yes or no

    When I began my self testing I’m sure I was told to just wash my hands before the finger stick and to not use alcohol pads. Use of alcohol pads could contaminate the sample. I am currently being treated for endocarditis. One of my doctors said the finger stick is a possible way the infection was...
  2. mecretired


    My pcp thinks I may have endocarditis. Crp is 5.152. I had influenza A at the end of March (yes I had my flu shot). I had a 102 temp that they didn’t treat because it was the flu. By the time they diagnosed the flu it had developed into an upper respiratory infection. So I had this temp for just...
  3. mecretired

    Bridging with lovenox

    Just had a bronchoscopy which required bridging with lovenox--my first time. My range is 2.5-3.5. I have a St Jude aortic valve. This is how it went. No Coumadin for 5 days before procedure--11/26 thru 11/30. Lovenox started on 3rd day 11/28. Procedure on 12/1. Restart Coumadin 12/1. Lovenox...
  4. mecretired

    Need dosing advice, please??

    You won't believe this, but---. Yesterday I got into some hornets and they promptly swarmed me.:eek2: I got stung 10-12 times--neck and ears VERY painful--red and swollen. Fortunately I don't have any allergies to stings. I used cortisone cream (otc) and took a hydrocodeine pill due to the...
  5. mecretired

    Need advice on dosing change??

    My inr range is 2.5-3.5. I am on antibiotics--started Thurs Sept 26 with a Rocephan injection, then Cefdinir and SMZ/TMP for 10 days (last antibiotic will be on Sunday the 6th). Checked my inr on 9/27 (2.9) on 9/29 (3.6) on 10/1 (3.6)--thought I was home free--but on 10/3 (4.2). I currently...
  6. mecretired

    Dosage question?

    My inr target range is 2.5-3.5. My last 3 weekly inr's were 2.7, 2.5, 2.5 --which slightly concerned me as it is fresh veggie season and I have a huge garden. Well, today's inr is 1.9. I'm thinking a 10% increase is in order. My current dose is 65mg/wk--I had been on 70mg/wk until April 19...
  7. mecretired

    May I vent?

    My ins pays fully for lab testing once a month--but not convenient and I want to test weekly. So I purchased my own Coagucheck XS (thru ebay) and check my inr weekly myself and then go to the lab once a month or so. My cardiologist is cool with this--coumadin clinic not so much. If I have a...
  8. mecretired

    Question? Opinons?

    How important do you think it is to have a pretty consistant dose of Warfarin each day? I take 7.5mg some days and 10mg some days. I am a pretty "common sense" kind of thinker and it seems that there is a big difference between the 7.5mg and the 10mg and that there may be some swings in INR and...
  9. mecretired

    Antibiotics and Warfarin

    I have an ear infection, infection of the eye and uti--went to the doctor yesterday. She gave me 2 injections--an antibiotic (don't remember the name--something beginning with an r) and kenalog. I have 10 days worth of Bactrim DS 800-160 and an eye drop Tobramycin/Dexamet (use for 48 hrs.). I...
  10. mecretired

    Warfarin and the Shingles Vaccine?

    I have just turned 60 (the recommended age for the Shingles vaccine) and intend to get one soon. Does anyone know if there is any interaction with Warfarin?
  11. mecretired

    Insomnia and Metoprolol?

    Have any of you experienced insomnia while taking Metoprolol? Background--I have taken Verapamil (calcium channel blocker) for years due to a rapid pulse. Post surgery (1yr ago) Metoprolol was added to my medications--25mg 2xday. Metoprolol was added to bring my pulse down more as the...
  12. mecretired

    1 year today!

    In a way it seems like my surgery was yesterday and in other ways it seems so long ago. I know 1 year is nothing compared to so many of you, but I imagine that the 1 year anniversary feels like the most important. I feel great--work out 3x wk (which I did NOT do before surgery). I want to thank...
  13. mecretired

    Coumadin Clinic

    My ins just denied my INR home testing for the 2nd time. They consider it a convenience item and I can't get my doctor interested in trying to convince them it is a medical necessity. He wrote them a very basic letter that wouldn't have convinced me. I have an appt on the 7th--will talk to...
  14. mecretired

    Doctor in Phoenix area?

    My DIL's father needs MV repair/replacement. He recently moved to the Phoenix area and is not familiar with the hospitals, surgeons, etc. Also, his former cardiologist in MO says minimally invasive is questionable whereas the new cardiologist in AZ says yes. I referred him to this site, but...
  15. mecretired

    13 mile bike ride

    I know that to some of you this may not seem like much, but I am 5 mos post op and did a 13 mile bike ride on Saturday. My oldest son rode with me (he says as a pacer). We finished in 1 hour--and I ride an old 1 speed bike. I have never been a runner or bike rider--my favorite pastime is...
  16. mecretired

    How long for alcohol to affect INR?

    I am planning on going to the local winery tomorrow. I know there is a lot of discussion/disagreement about whether alcohol affects the INR or how (increase or decrease). My question is this--if the wine does affect my INR, how long will it take? I know a change in warfarin takes about 3 days...
  17. mecretired

    A Survivor's Zipper

    I will be celebrating my 4 month anniversary tomorrow. In honor of that I wanted to post this poem that I found on a mechanical valve web site in the UK. I hope it touches you as it touched me. Mary A Survivors Zipper by Kimberlee Jones What do you see, when you look down at your scar? The...
  18. mecretired

    Has anyone had problems with QRS?

    I am 15 wks post op and doing and feeling great. I have finishined 19 cardiac rehab sessions. On Monday after my 18th session, my rehab lady (title?) said that I was having extended periods of QRS--spikes on my EKG--(something to do with the heart's electrical current). She had noticed a...
  19. mecretired

    Trouble Sleeping?

    I am now 13 wks post surgery and am having a lot of trouble sleeping. Most of the time I can get to sleep OK but then wake up (my mind starts racing) and I can't get back to sleep. I may sleep fairly well every 3rd or 4th night--after I've lost enough sleep that I am just exhausted. Prior to...
  20. mecretired

    What ticking?

    I was out of town this weekend babysitting 2 of my grandchildren. I spoke with my husband of almost 38 years on the phone Friday morning. I asked him if he slept well--he said he hardly slept. He missed my ticking!:)
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