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  1. J

    Phantom Pain

    Hello All, I'm 8 months out and I have had some incision pain the last two days. Is this normal? Anyone else have any pain this far out? Thanks, Jeff
  2. J

    Wire Removal

    Has anyone had their wires removed? If so how is the procedure done? I have a CT scan next week to see if their are any problems with mine. I had my surgery 5 months ago and the top of my incision has an MSSA staph infection that has been very stubborn to say the least. Thanks, Jeff
  3. J

    Warfarin Schedule

    Hello- I am currently taking my warfarin around 6-630ish. Does anyone know if I can I switch it up and take the pills in the morning? Thanks, Jeff
  4. J

    Don't Sneeze...

    Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since my AVR and root replacement surgery, and I have been lucky enough to have fought off sneezing thus far. Unfortunately, I lost the no sneezing battle about 30 minutes ago and quickly realized why everyone has said not to sneeze. WOW the pain is crazy. So I figured...
  5. J

    All Systems Go..

    T-Minus 6 Days until I go to Johns Hopkins to have my AVR done. After much deliberation I have decided to go with an On-X valve. I do want to thank everyone on this site for all of the support and information you provide. I have been on this site everyday for 2 months. I really do not know what...
  6. J

    Did anyone see this article on the new class of ACTs?

    Doesn't sound good...
  7. J

    BAV Newbie Here

    Hello All, I just wanted to say hello and thank you. I have been reading your posts for a little over a week now and have to say they have brought a lot of comfort to me. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with BAV and severe AI and have been told that I will need surgery in the next 4-6 weeks...
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