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    Kate, I am sorry that we are meeting under these circumstances, but I want you to know that things will be ok. I was diagnosed with a bad AV last fall at the age of 32 and had my replacement surgery last December. We found out about my condition 3 weeks after we found out that my wife was...
  2. J

    Phantom Pain

    Thanks Freddie, It's more of an ache on the bone, not consistent just randomly. If it continues I'll get it checked out. I have been lifting more weights the past few weeks, so maybe it's exercise related. Jeff
  3. J

    Phantom Pain

    Hello All, I'm 8 months out and I have had some incision pain the last two days. Is this normal? Anyone else have any pain this far out? Thanks, Jeff
  4. J

    To the young heart surgery patients

    I agree it is annoying, I heard that a lot. The nurses on my floor after ICU play a game of who gets the youngest patient, and being 32 at the time, I definitely made one nurse a winner. She was telling me this as if I should have been happy about the fact I was the youngest patient on the...
  5. J

    Bump on Sternum.. Anyone?

    PGammo, Mine is very bumpy in spots, I think its where the bone was cut and then fused back together. Jeff
  6. J

    Considering selling my CoaguChek XS, any one interested?

    Hi Bdryer, How much are you selling it for? Jeff
  7. J

    Surgery Next Week

    Angus, You will do great. I had mine in Dec and my wife had our 2nd baby last month. Are you going tissue or mechanical?
  8. J

    Why no driving for up to 6 weeks after surgery?

    I drove 3 weeks post-op and the biggest thing was pain associated with parking, looking back while reversing and making turns...
  9. J

    Wire Removal

    Has anyone had their wires removed? If so how is the procedure done? I have a CT scan next week to see if their are any problems with mine. I had my surgery 5 months ago and the top of my incision has an MSSA staph infection that has been very stubborn to say the least. Thanks, Jeff
  10. J

    Surgery on Tuesday...

    Good Luck, you will do great!
  11. J

    Clevland Clinic can supersize you

    It is Crazy. But a Big Mac does sound pretty good. lol
  12. J

    The best time of year for surgery

    Another thing that you might want to consider is seasonal allergies. I suffer from spring allergies and sneeze a lot. If I had my sneezing fits closer to my surgery date I would have been in trouble.
  13. J

    The best time of year for surgery

    From an insurance standpoint having your surgery in Jan or earlier in the year would be ideal. I had mine in December and hit my deductible and max out-of-pocket only for it to be reset 3 weeks later. Everyone's insurance is different so take it with a grain of salt.
  14. J

    Hospital Stay - The Complete Story

    Rock Star Recovery! You need to post your TOOTS photo...
  15. J

    Clicky noise

    Hi Karla I have the thud too. I can hear/feel it when I take a deep breathe or hold my breathe. Mine has seemed to get quieter or maybe I just don't notice it anymore. Let me know if you find out exactly what it is. I have twice forgotten to ask my cardio...
  16. J

    TheGymGuy Updates.. 3/27/2012

    That's Great News. I am still getting used to the ticking myself. For the most part I don't hear it anymore.
  17. J

    TheGymGuy Updates.. 3/27/2012

    I am glad to hear the surgery went well. Vadim will be up and at them before you know it....
  18. J

    To those who have gone before me and travelled for surgery...

    Tom, That is a lot of travel time: a 6 hour drive from Cleveland to Chicago and then get on an 18 hour train ride? If I were you I would fly straight back from Cleveland to Denver in a little over 3 hours. My hospital was only an hour away and I could not imagine doing what you are planning on...
  19. J

    Exercise after going of Metoprolol

    I am on 50 mg and I am about to start working out again @ 3 months post-op. What what would be the danger in staying on the Metoprolol forever?
  20. J

    Forced to search for a new job...unemployed

    Scott, I am sorry to hear this. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Jeff
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